How we help people find the right PA.

As part of the Direct Payment support scheme we have developed and manage a database of potential Personal Assistants (PA’s). We have a growing number of local people in the Hull and East Riding area who are potential PA’s on the database and advertise vacancies on a daily basis. This has assisted many people to develop a career in the care service industry and also attracts a wide range of candidates from all ages and backgrounds.

Interested in becoming a PA?

In June 2020 we developed a brand new look website that would make registering to be a PA easier.

Pop over to in order to find out more.


Looking to advertise for a PA?

As an employer, there are legal requirements, including keeping accounts, doing payroll and providing sick pay, holiday pay and a pension. There is support available to help understand what those requirements are and how to get help with fulfilling the role of employer.  We can support  you on your journey to be an employer.  We can also help you advertise to the members of our database , via the mailout system, and via online systems. we can support you  right through to interviewing and beyond.

If you would like support with advertising please contact or call 01482878778.



For more information about any of the above/ please contact Choices and Rights Disability Coalition

You can contact us at/on:

Tel: 01482 878778
Fax: 01482 370999
Textphone: 01482 370986