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The evidence the CQC gather from Disabled people and their families will help them plan NHS and care services with the needs of Disabled people central to their planning.

We are continuing to hear of cancelled hospital appointments, and problems accessing care services when so many care staff are off with Covid and family care responsibilities, so it remains important that the authorities who can make a difference to people’s lives stay informed of how the NHS and care services are performing for Disabled people and their families.

The responses can be positive or negative, include anything from GP appointments, to dental services, to care home cleanliness – the CQC want to hear from disabled people and ‘Tell Us About Your Care’ has been pivotal in providing evidence for several years now. Please ask the people you serve and represent to add their voices through the webpage by explaining their experiences over the last couple of years.

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Give feedback on care

Use this form to tell us about:

  • an experience of care – it can be good or bad

  • a concern about a service you work for

This is different from making a formal complaint. To make a formal complaint, you must contact the service itself.

Your feedback helps make care better

We use what people tell us to understand the quality of care they get from services like care homes, care agencies, hospitals and GPs. It helps make care better for everybody.

We look at it alongside other information. For example, information from the service itself or what we found when we last visited them.

We only cover services in England.

We may want to contact you

You do not have to give us your name or contact details. But it’s more likely we can take action if you do.

Find out how we handle personal information like contact details.

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