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Our Covid secure buildings

The safety of the public is very important to us, with this in mind before any of our buildings are reopened to the public a full risk assessment will have been carried out, safe working procedures have been put in place and it will have a signed Covid-19 Safe certification.

This certificate are on display within the building, alternatively if you would like to access a copy please ask a member of staff.

Service updates –

Below is a list of services that have been impacted by the Coronavirus. These service changes are necessary to free up resources to allow staff to be redeployed where necessary to support vital services. Further updates will be published as and when additional information becomes available.

Information on the councils COVID-19 response ten point plan.

All known service changes are published on this page. As the situation is changing quickly some changes may not be listed. If accessing a service requires travel or may cause inconvenience we advise you to check beforehand.

Adult Social Care

Allocations Policy and Local Lettings Policies

Bid for a home

Birth registration

Blue Badges

Box Office

Bus lane fines

Bus passes

Business Rates

Cabinet and committee meetings

Car parks and on-street parking

Chanterlands crematorium

Children’s Centres

Children’s Services

Copy certificates

Coroners Court

Council Tax

Council tenants (rent arrears)

Customer Feedback

Customer Service Centres

Death registration

Domestic violence

Drug and Alcohol support

Gas servicing and safety information

HCAL (Hull Culture and Leisure)


Housing, garages and lifeline rent payments

Hull Training and Adult Education

Hull Warm Homes


Marriages, Civil Partnership and other ceremonies

Parking permits

Private Housing Environmental Health

Register on the housing list

Requests for information (Freedom of Information)

Repairs to council properties

Scale Lane swing bridge

School applications

Schools re-opening

School transfers

Sheltered Housing

Waste household recycling centres

Waste Management

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