Since October 2015 Choices & Rights Disability Coalition have been working with Humberside Airport to support them in their ongoing efforts to make their services as accessible as possible to all disabled people and people with long term health conditions. We attend twice yearly meetings with the airport staff and representatives of the airlines to discuss any issues and advise them as required. The feedback they receive both from disabled passengers and from the Civil Aviation Authority has been very positive and the airport continues to be rated as Very Good for access for disabled people by The Civil Aviation Authority.

However, the airport staff are concerned that they may be missing complaints from disabled people or people with long term health conditions who do not have the confidence to complain. Choices & Rights have offered our services as a conduit for complaints if disabled customers and customers with long term health conditions do not feel confident to complain and would like to do so anonymously. We are also happy to pass on any comments about Humberside Airport and its services.

If you would like us to pass complaints or comments on anonymously on your behalf, please contact Duncan either by phone on 01482 878778 or by e-mail at . Thank you.

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It would significantly assist your journey if you discuss any special requirements in advance when you make your travel arrangements or book a holiday. This applies to all booking methods – travel agents, websites or by telephone (Customers using an internet booking service will usually find a relevant telephone number on the website). Prior notification to the airline and airport will facilitate a much smoother and comfortable process for you and your journey.These booking details will then be passed to our new disability service facility. For general enquiries or to pre book assistance directly please contact the Humberside Airport Information Desk on 01652 682080

Parking at Humberside Airport
Disabled parking spaces are located in the short stay car park 1, which is very close to the passenger terminal some 35 second walk
. For those authorised to park in the Disabled spaces, the airport will charge the standard long term parking charge, unless you have pre booked your space through our pre book facility. Therefore you will still be able to park in the short term car park Disabled spaces, but enjoy a reduced fee if you have pre booked.Upon entry to the car park, please inform the information desk, by use of the intercom on the car park ticket machine, special assistance contact point or by telephone on 01652 682080, of your arrival and request for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE : Blue Badge holders are not allowed to stop on the airport roads, in the bus layby or on any restricted part of the road network unless in an emergency. Please make your way to car park 1 and call for assistance via the intercom which will be provided free of charge.

On arrival at Humberside Airport
• If you require wheelchair assistance or help with your luggage from the disabled parking spaces, you should contact the airport staff using the help point located in the short stay car park 1.
• Alternatively, report to the Information Desk located in the main check in hall.

Walking distances

  • Car park 1 to information desk = 75 Meters
  • Information desk to check in = 22 Meters
  • Check in to security = 38 Meters
  • Security to the departure lounge = 25 – 45 Meters
  • Arrvials hall to car park 1 = 135 Meters

You can find airport plan here.

All of our Security Officers are trained to enable them to understand sensitivites regarding disabilities and the procedures for carrying out searches on individuals with such a condition.

Wheelchair users can remain in their wheelchair and may receive a manual body ‘pat down’ (search). The security staff may also ‘swab’ your hands and shoes with a dry piece of cloth that is then placed in a machine to detect any prohibited substances. Seating is available close to the walk-through archways and a private search area is available on request; please ask the security staff if you’d prefer to use this facility. If you have any sore / sensitive areas on your body or fitted medical devices / equipment (for example an insulin pump or ostomy bag), please inform the security staff if a manual search is required.

If liquid medication is being carried in your hand luggage this will be screened using specific equipment.

Hidden Disabilities
We have produced a useful booklet to help prepare you for your journey through the airport, you can find this here. Within the booklet we describe a system we operate that enables you to identify yourself to airport staff, should you wish to use it. This is achieved through the use of a coded lanyard system that airport staff are trained to recognise.

Advice for Passengers with Autism?
The National Autistic Society provides some very helpful advice on what to do if you are planning to travel with children or adults with autism, which can be found here. You may also wish to take a look at this video, which some may find useful when planning a trip.

Familiarisation Visits
We understand that many families that have a child with autism haven’t considered a trip abroad because of concerns about the journey and the processes and environments involved in Air travel. For those families who think it may assist, Humberside Airport is happy to support pre-planned familiarisation visits for children with autism and their families.  We have arranged several such visits, which enable the child to experience first-hand the airport environment and the processes that he or she will experience when they travel, such as check-in, security and boarding.  If you think this may be of use to you, then please contact the airport on 01652 682080 or email us at

Hearing and Sight Impairments
For futher information on specialist assistance, please call 01652 682080 or email

If you need to borrow a wheelchair whilst at the airport, please contact the airport staff at the Information Desk located in the main check-in hall. These are available free of charge, subject to availability.
If you are travelling with your own wheelchair you will be able to utilise this up until the point when you board the aircraft.
For inbound passengers you will normally be reunited with your wheelchair once present in the arrivals area in line with our published quality standards.
If your wheelchair is found to be damaged on arrival we operate a wheelchair loan scheme which is available to you until your own device is repaired/replaced.

Boarding the aircraft
Humberside Airport has a range of modern equipment to help you board the aircraft quickly and efficiently. They will discuss individual requirements with you and arrange the most appropriate type of help.

Passenger Assistance
The new lounge is easy to locate and may be found near to departure gate 3 in the Departure Lounge. There are a number of facilities designed to make your time here enjoyable and trouble-free, including a hearing loop and a telephone help line.

Toilet facilities
There are fully equipped disabled toilets located throughout the Terminal building.

First aid room
The first aid room is available in the main terminal building. This room may be used by customers for any procedure which requires privacy. Requests to use this room should be made:-

• Before security – at the information desk.
• After security – via the telephone help points located in the Passenger assistance lounges

Assistance dogs
Assistance dogs are allowed into the terminal building and may travel on the aircraft, providing they comply with the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS). For advice on flying with your assistance dog vist or

Special Assistance Consultation
Humberside Airport consults with Choices and Rights Hull in all matters relating to the assistance provided to our disabled passengers. A record of the most recent meeting is available as a download on the right hand side of this page.
Choices and Rights Hull have recently consulted with us on our Hidden Disability Training and our Hidden Disabilities Airport Guide.

We are a member of the Dementia Action Alliance – the alliance of over 150 national organisations across England who connect, share best practice and take action on dementia. You can see our member listing and action plan on the DAA website here.

We appreciate your feedback..
The Civil Aviation Authority, in co-operation with UK airports, collects feedback on the quality of the assistance provided to passengers with reduced mobility.To give your important feedback, please visit:

How to make a complaint
Should you experience any problems with the service we provide you can make a complaint by email or post.
Email complaints should be sent to –
Postal complaints should be sent to – Terminal Services Manager, Humberside Airport, Kirmington, Ulceby DN39 6YH.

Useful contacts
Humberside Airport, Persons with Reduced Mobility Customer Service – 01652 682080
Humberside Airport Supervisor – 01652 682041
Humberside Airport – Main switchboard 01652 688456

Useful web links:
The UK government code of practice for access to air travel for disabled people may be found at:
Choices and Rights Hull:

Related information
The Humberside Airport dedicated information brochure “Access” is available as a PDF download or on request, by calling the Customer services number above.

European legislation
EU Regulation No 1107/2006 concerns the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air.

The aim of this legislation is to ensure that consistently high quality disabled assistance is provided at airports throughout the European community. The airport will have overall responsibility and management of this new service.

Humberside Airport will provide assistance for all our disabled customers. In order to comply with Article 9 clause 3 of the new legislation we are publishing our table of service standards.



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